About Us

PHAB AVIATION was established in 2005.

For those who are not familiar with aviation activities such as transport, maintenance and ownership, it is in fact a complex business involving high financial stakes and risks.


PHAB AVIATION is a team of experts and professional pilots who have the experience, qualifications, and skills to provide you with a tailored and efficient solution for all your aviation needs.


PHAB AVIATION proposes a service to help you successfully complete your project and achieve your goals.

PHAB AVIATION proposes a service to help you successfully complete your project and achieve your goal.

This involves all methods used to ensure efficient communication and implementation of a new concept, process or requirement.

Our experience and analytical capabilities will prevent problems and ensure smooth communication with key players such as authorities and will guarantee a success t your operation.

Please contact us for further details.

Our experienced team provide you with continual support for all your aviation related projects. Our key experts can manage projects at governmental level and can help you set and analyse your priorities, needs and operational requirements.

At a detailed meeting we will discuss all legal and operational requirements as well as the solutions to key issues thus saving you both time and money.

Our dedication to create a reliable process and solution is the key to providing our clients with a cost-effective service.

We give advice in the following areas:

  • Issue of Aircraft Operator Certificates
  • Quality management
  • Fleet management and profit maximisation
  • Aircraft purchase
  • Safety Management System
  • Operational management
  • Crew recruitment and management

Please feel free to contact us in order to evaluate your project and provide you with our best advice and solutions.

Our Types of Flights

For each request, Phab Aviation will propose a solution adapted to your needs.

Medical Evacuation
Passenger Charter
Private Business Jet Charter

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