• Our workshop is located in United Kingdom.


We provide a range of maintenance services for piston, turbine and jet aircraft. 

Many companies are taking advantage of the niche market of spare parts.

While spare parts for recent aircraft are readily available from manufacturers, it is not the same case for older aircraft; therefore being able to get hold of overhauled parts is essential .

Don’t look any further than us!

We either have the part you need in our stock or will have find it through one of our suppliers at an unbeatable price.

We work with the three largest suppliers who have over 4 million spare parts.

All our parts provided with official certification documents such as EASA form 1 and/or FAA 8130-3.

Your interest is our main concern.

Aircraft Parts

Phab Aviation Ltd provides a service for aircraft engine line maintenance, engine removal and installation, hot section inspections and other scheduled maintenance, repairs, boroscope inspections and Line Replacement Unit (LRU) changes.